The truth will set you free….

well in the eyes of CPA, witness statements and depositions will make your case. It is the process of compiling the details of an observation in a structured format translated from the eyes of the beholder. Details, if documented correctly, can save victims from a wide variety of traumatic situations. From a lifetime of incarceration, to the settlement of an insurance claim, an eye witness to an event is by far more precious than most people can imagine. It is critical to depose a witness as soon as possible to accurately document the date, time, event, particulars and proof or witness to such an observation. The more time that passes, the greater the chance the witness will begin to lose details or distort facts about the event. Sometimes, witnesses will blatantly deny ever observing a certain event if their observation is parallel to a more stressful situation. This happens if the parallel is specifically relevant to themselves or someone close to them, but who is unrelated to the observation in which an investigator is questioning them on. Situations such as these require experienced investigators able to work carefully with such a witness, utilizing keywords relevant to events within their perspective observation. It only takes one trigger word by a skilled Investigator to unfold memories buried by numerous events.

CPA International Investigations Inc. has designed a specific format tailored to accommodate trial lawyers when in court. Our statements enable counsel to expeditiously locate a specific event or detail quickly during trial, discovery, interviews, etc. Information is power and with quality CPA acquires witness statements; our ability for detail is paramount to the client and the case at hand.

Witness statements can vary from issues relating to liability or damages, especially in motor vehicle accidents. Understanding the parameters of the case, establishing a timeline of relevance and strategically approaching each witness to establish a clean and methodical sweep of information, is all part and partial of handling an investigation properly. When addressing a criminal investigation, both witness statements and video depositions are invaluable. Information documented without coercion and accurately depicted, not only on a signed statement, but deposed on video reveals a detailed account that a Judge, Jury and Counsel can empathize with first hand.

Upon obtaining a clear understanding of the case at hand from the client, CPA Investigators will schedule appointments to meet with witnesses, type out a full statement during that meeting, print the statement on their portable printer and have the witness sign the statement before departing. Once a witness is in the clasp of a CPA Investigator, we will assume a position that we may never see that witness again, thus making certain we have all relevant information signed, sealed and delivered to our client in one swoop.