Investigations & Surveillance

Investigations & Surveillance

We Guarantee Results…

For surveillance services or private investigations, only the most descreet, yet Professional Private Investigators are associated with CPA.!!
Our reputation depends on it and our clients deserve it. As such, we demand that same excellence from our professional investigators.
CPA strives for preeminence, dedication, and sets the industry standard for excellence. CPA has earned the reputation for professionalism, integrity, discretion, and innovation in Canada.

“An investigation is the process of inquiring through research, follow-up, study or formal procedure of discovery.”

CPA International Investigations provides our clients with timely, in-depth, and comprehensive information on a company or individual. Our due diligence allows CPA clients to make decisions based on accurate intelligence and facts.

Our professional Private Investigators often work for attorneys in civil cases and insurance companies, to investigate suspicious or fraudulent claims. We are recognized by some of the most distinguished law firms and corporations in BC and Canada.

Our clients are fully briefed on case expectations and possible outcome of our investigations. Our integrity ensures transparencies of funding and billing.

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