CCTV & Digital Security Systems

CCTV & Digital Security Systems

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CCTV & Digital Security Systems

“An electronic guardian angel…”

Every day, the need for unmanned security is becoming increasingly more apparent!

Technology has not only streamlined the ability to maintain high levels of productivity, but has now created an expectation from every person, business and corporation. The need for monitoring security, production, quality control and the safety of those around us has become expeditious. Electronic surveillance is no longer an option, but a requirement for those who must maintain a simple status quo.

Just as cellular and mobility communication have dominated the industry, so has CCTV with the ability to supply cutting edge technology, information and the means to address any situation without the delay of travel. Multitasking has reached a new level and we are only scratching the surface.

As experts in our field and in the compilation of evidence, implementing a CCTV system is NOT a simplistic task, especially for those of us who comprehend the science of a professionally designed system. It requires years of experience in this field to assess the needs of a client, determine which format to use and strategically map the placement of cameras. As Security Consultants, assessing our clients risk is our first priority. The cost of these systems is determined by the needs of the client, the duration of the installation and finally the quality of the equipment.

In most situations, quality video can make or break a case. Poor quality CCTV evidence in court is found to be inadmissible in at least 70% of cases.

CPA offers a wide range of security products for sale through our online distributor.

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