Fraud is considered to involve misrepresentation with intent to deceive.

Fraud investigations, as performed by CPA Private Investigators, essentially determine whether fraud has taken place based on evidence. Fraud can take many forms, including corporate fraud, embezzlement, computer fraud, insurance fraud, and internet and mail fraud.

The benefits of having a fraud investigation done by CPA International Investigations, is that it can help companies manage risk, investigate alleged misconduct and measure financial implications of disputes. Proving that someone committed a fraudulent act can be difficult and involves extensive surveillance, documentation and investigation. CPA International Investigations has for many years proven their ability in uncovering fraud though their highly experienced personnel.

The kinds of results that the client can expect from a fraud investigation done by CPA Private Investigators is speed, sensitivity and discretion. CPA can help provide clients with solutions in order to identify losses identify culprits with sufficient evidence to take the action that is necessary and introduce measures to prevent such losses from reoccurring.

There are many methods that CPA Private Investigators use in carrying out fraud investigations but primarily surveillance is utilized, as well as background checks, and written and recorded statements. Video intelligence plays a big part in not only recording fraud, compiling evidence, but also establishing a solid case in a court of law.