Matrimonial Investigations are a very serious and sensitive matter. CPA International Investigations ensures the utmost discreet and thorough service, resulting in peace of mind. Matrimonial investigations, as performed by CPA Investigators, include a comprehensive investigation to assist with any inquiry relating to infidelity. Essentially, CPA will gather information about the subject’s activities and information as it pertains to the situation.

The benefits of choosing to have a matrimonial investigation performed by CPA International Investigations are the peace of mind in being able to confirm or deny your suspicions. Issues of infidelity are much more serious in the modern world, due to the concern of STD’s and the negligence of transmitting these diseases.  CPA can help either restore confidence or at least give you the facts to put you in control to choose the action you may wish to take.

The methods used by CPA Investigators center around surveillance. Following the spouse in question and documenting his/her activities is the most effective and efficient way to yield results. Other methods include tracking incoming and outgoing phone calls, obtaining records and receipts, asset searches and identifying the “other person” involved.

The kind of results that the client can come to expect from CPA’s matrimonial investigations include detailed written notes as well as crucial video footage proving whether the client’s suspicions are valid, or their suspicions are false. If required, the client can use the notes and video for court purposes, though this is primarily in cases involving children or health concerns.