Research and profiling, as used by CPA Private Investigators during an investigation, is the process of acquiring facts and gathering evidence through a series of investigation techniques. This type of research often precedes other private investigation techniques in order to gather as much information on a subject to assist in an active investigation.

Investigative research benefits the client interested in finding out more about a person or company, or can be used by the private investigator to create a visual profile of the subject being investigated. Initial research often leads to determining the best investigation strategy and getting the best results from an investigation.

The research process has yielded great results when it comes to locating persons of interest, discovering past and present financial and business dealings, and verifying facts about a person’s past and credentials.  Research during an investigation can often lead to information that would otherwise be unknown through standard surveillance or other investigation practices.

Research used by CPA Private Investigators during an investigation often includes searches of public database research, court records, personal and telephone interviews, and background checks. Research provides investigators with the tools and resources required, enabling them to have as much information possible to provide the client with the best strategy for their situation.