Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

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Digital Forensics

The Digital Age has brought many advantages and improvements to individuals and businesses since its onset. However, it has has also created several problems. The many advances in technology allow for people nowadays to be able to tap in and commit fraudulent or criminal acts. This ultimately means that individuals and businesses have become more vulnerable than ever before and require more protection than they once did.

CPA International Investigations provides forensic examinations of electronic media, such as computers, laptops, servers, hard drives, cell phones, digital cameras, CD-ROM’s, USB memory devices, floppy disks, etc. CPA Private Investigators focus on finding digital evidence after a computer security incident such as employee misconduct, harassment, fraud, or hacking and to recover data in the aftermath of a hardware or software failure. CPA also analyzes computer systems to provide vital information where a criminal case is involved.

CPA Private Investigators can examine a computer system after a break-in has occurred. CPA can also acquire information about how a computer system works for the purpose of de-bugging, to improve performance or in order to learn details about the design, construction and operation of the system. Investigation of digital media to uncover forgery or misuse is another service provided by CPA International Investigations.

CPA Investigations works hard to protect the status of the digital technology and to prevent the current computer state from changing in order to efficiently preserve as much evidence as possible. CPA will figure out the sequence of events that are responsible for the present situation in order to accurately address and provide solutions for the needs and issues of the client.

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