Video Clips

Video Clips

Take a look at some of the more clever individuals that CPA has caught red-handed!


CPA International – Sous Chef Thief Caught in the Act!! Pt. 1
An employee at an esteemed restaurant feels he’s underpaid and decides that his bonus should come early this year.

CPA International – Sous Chef Thief Caught in the Act!! Pt. 2
Obviously the employee still thinks that he’s underpaid and comes back for a second helping of the “free” cash bags.

CPA International – Blue Seas Fish Market Register Theft
A “customer” figures he might as well grab a handful of cash out of the register while the employees aren’t looking.

CPA International – Pawn Shop Mace & Robbery
A family with their children are casually browsing the store while a hooded thief walks in, maces the employee, and takes what he can. But not before a customer decides to make the thief work for it.

Pharmacy Employee Steals Products
I think those products are for paying customers but she seems to think otherwise.

Coffee Shop Tip Jar Theft
Stealing a tip jar from a coffee shop is only a good idea when three uniformed police officers AREN’T watching you take it.

Parkside Place Theft
A couple bold thieves decide to try their fortunes at parkade theft and vandalism.

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