Skip Tracing, as performed by CPA Private Investigators, is an investigative technique that traces or finds people who have run out on their financial or legal obligations. CPA International Investigations locates people for courts, creditors, families and others who need to find a specific person. Skip tracing is essentially locating people who have “skipped out” on a debt or legal obligation and need to be found to collect the debt or sought for questioning regarding a transaction or event.

The benefits of using skip tracing are that it is far more effective because CPA Investigators will work until the individual whom the client is seeking is found. CPA International Investigations can use techniques that are not always available to law enforcement agencies. CPA can help the client get his/her money back or can help ensure that a potentially dangerous criminal is found and brought back to court when working in conjunction with Law Enforcement and Legal Counsel.

The results that the client can expect from a skip trace performed by CPA Investigators are locating a person’s whereabouts, employment information, residence, phone numbers, assets, vehicles, etc. CPA International Investigations provides a discreet, professional and confidential service in helping the client locate the specific person.

Some methods used by CPA Private Investigators during the skip tracing and locating process are surveillance, background checks, interviews and questioning of people who know the subject, undercover tactics and using informants.