Witness Interviewing

Interviews are done by the divers (who are experts in statement taking) not land based personnel. The divers are the ones that need to clarify all things with the family or witnesses to determine facts prior to the dive. All interviews are done at the location of the incident where witnesses saw the accident/ incident occur. CPA does not disregard any information about the incident. All clues are helpful in some shape or form!

Family Relations
Two people from CPA Recovery will talk directly with the family members. This is one of the most important topics of discussion. Respect is always shown to all parties concerned. We can also direct families that are grieving to experienced counselors.

News Media Relations
CPA’s staff is trained in dealing with the media. It is a very important role that is needed to be dealt with while showing the utmost respect to the families with the loss. Although the media can be helpful in many ways, the media can sometimes over exaggerate a situation hurting many people in the loop. Usually CPA Recovery has one person (typically the dive team leader) that talks to the grieving family, media and local authorities so detail and observations given are exact.