Background checks, as utilized by CPA Investigations, is the process of looking up and compiling extensive information depending on the needs of the client. CPA is able to essentially verify that the person truly is who they say they are. Background checks can be conducted for a number of reasons that pertain to the character, credibility, integrity, financial stability and primarily to the client’s exposure in having a relationship with that person or organization.

CPA’s Background checks can benefit the client in the investigative process because it is a wise and cost effective means of gathering and confirming information about an individual or business. The client is able to learn the truth about an individual and have a better understanding as to the credibility and credentials of either a person or business. This can help aid the client in making further decisions that pertain to the investigation of the person or business in question.

CPA will verify and procure various results for our clients such as: past employment verification, credit scores, criminal history, and asset verification. Our investigations can also reveal information about an individual’s professional, financial, criminal and public history that the client may not have had access to prior to retaining CPA investigation to conduct such a check.

There are numerous methods and practices that CPA Investigations deploys when performing a background check for our clients including, but not limited to: internet searches, public record searches, interviews, surveillance, arrest records, employment records, social insurance number, criminal records, driving records, personal address confirmations, vehicle checks, marriage, divorce or death records, etc.