Rebecca Darnell – Attourney at Law and Founder of Darnell & Co.
Graduated from UBC Faculty of Law in 1994 and was called to the Bar in British Columbia in May of 1995. Prior to attending law school, she worked in banking, at the Provincial Court of British Columbia, as a legal secretary and then a self-employed freelance paralegal. Ms. Darnell articled with the Ministry of Attorney General in Victoria, BC during which time she represented the Crown in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings throughout British Columbia and also did a rotation at Legislative Council where she observed and assisted in drafting new and amended legislation.

On completing the articling term, she immediately opened a firm in Langley, British Columbia drawing upon her extensive prior experience working as legal support staff and practiced initially as a sole practitioner primarily in family law proceedings. That firm has now grown to three lawyers and eight full time staff with a broad practice focus including both solicitor and barrister work.

Thomas Watson – Maverick Worldwide Solutions

Maverick’s Worldwide Solutions is a Private Investigative Agency with many, many years of collective Investigative Services and Personal Protection Services experience. We offer a comprehensive range of investigative and protection services in nearly every metropolitan city in the world. We take great pleasure in the numerous accolades received from our clients regarding our Private Detective and Protective Services.


South Point Law Centre
South Point Law Centre opened its doors in 2003 in the South Surrey/White Rock area. Moving in 2012 to the Newton area of Surrey, B.C. , South Point Law Centre is now conveniently located 10 minutes away from City Hall and the Surrey Provincial Court and 20 minutes away from the New Westminster Supreme Court. To serve its clients, we have 7 lawyers with experience ranging up to more than 20 years of practice.


Troy Anderson Law
One of the most intimidating things about being charged with a crime is the actual process of going to court. It may begin with a summons you’ve received in the mail; it may begin with an arrest. You are immediately then faced with a very unfamiliar and hostile environment. You are facing police officers, crown prosecutors, and judges who are operating entirely within their own area of comfort. They go to court every day, they know each other, and they know the system.

You don’t need to face that alone. Together we can work through the disclosure application. That is demanding and reviewing copies of all the evidence that the crown intends to use against you. We will use this disclosure to plan a trial strategy. This will form the basis of your defense.

Many times we have discovered through the disclosure process evidence that may help exonerate you. I will do everything in my power to make sure that the consequences that you face will be as minimal as possible. I will do everything in my power to get you acquitted of a crime. I will do everything in my power to get a charge dropped if that is possible.

The process need not be completely overwhelming; it need not be intimidating. With the right help you will find that it is not nearly as hopeless as it looks at the beginning.

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