The area of digital forensics has grown rapidly, mainly due to the increased trend in mobile devices. The increased usage of small scale digital devices like cellular phones has led to the development of mobile device analysis. With the growth of emerging portable data and storage devices, necessary information can be stored anywhere and easily passed from device-to-device. Hand-held Device Analysis, as performed by CPA International Investigations, involves the recovery of text messages (SMS), call history, contacts, photos and videos from cell phones and other hand-held digital device in order to aid in the course of an investigation.

CPA’s digital forensic team has the knowledge and abilities to preserve and obtain data successfully on hand-held communication devices. By using digital forensics, CPA Investigators can preserve a wide variety of hand-held devices that can produce key evidence, including email, call logs, pictures, passwords, videos, user created documents and text messages (SMS). CPA International Investigations can examine and re-create deleted SMS messages and call logs from cell phones in order to identify essential information and save time and costs.

As PDA’s, cell phones and other hand-held devices incorporate new technologies for communications and data storage, they will continue to become known as sources of additional evidence in criminal and civil investigations. As the use of these hand-held devices increase, additional evidence and information can be found that could potentially be essential to investigations.