Business need to store vast amounts of highly sensitive data and nearly every business or individual has information that is confidential and should be disposed of securely and carefully. Sometimes certain information can get into the wrong hands which can result in bad publicity, financial loss or even legal action. Personal information is also important and if discarded carelessly can result in identity fraud. Data theft and inadvertent loss of confidential information are becoming more widespread. Simply formatting hard disks or deleting files in the traditional way is not a secure way of removing information. Information in this way can still be recovered.

CPA Private Investigators can provide the reassurance that unwanted, but sensitive and confidential data can be erased securely. Data destruction involves the complete removal and destruction of hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, USB’s, diskettes and files, as well as many others. CPA can provide the destruction of digital data located on an internal or external hard drive, PDA or hand-held device, or cell phone. Hard disk drives need to be replaced from time to time when they show signs of deterioration and it is essential that the sensitive data is completely and securely erased.

CPA International Investigations can ensure that private personal and business information is not used for purposes other than originally intended. CPA has the technology and knowledge to ensure your information is removed for good, safely and securely. CPA Private Investigators provide deletion of sensitive data utilizing the Department of Defense (DOD) 7-pass erase for ultimate security. This is ideal for situations where security is imperative.