Covert Monitoring, as performed by CPA International Investigations, is the capturing of digital communications and computer activity to assist investigators in the collection of evidence during an investigation. Covert Monitoring includes any situation where the individual is not aware that they are being monitored.

Covert Monitoring may be used in many different situations, including where there is sexual harassment going on through email, instant messaging or other forms of digital communications. Covert Monitoring may also be useful to discover hidden and deleted emails, pictures and internet usage and unauthorized software installed on a computer or monitoring the use of an employee at work.

CPA has the ability to perform covert monitoring of computer systems. CPA Investigations can install a covert program on a suspect’s computer in order to obtain information that may aide in an investigation and can retrieve the information at any time. This allows CPA to gather intelligence on suspects in a discreet and unobtrusive way. The client is then able to see what happens behind the scenes which can be very useful in an investigation.