If you have ever heard the saying “Finding the needle in the haystack” you’ll be witness to it with this superior trained dive team. CPA Recovery utilizes their extensive knowledge through decades of investigative experience and thousands of underwater hours in some of the world’s harshest water conditions in order to get results.

CPA Recovery divers use search patterns, grappling hooks and underwater sleds along with many other methods of recovering cadavers (loved ones), weapons and/or vehicles. There are dozens of search pattern techniques used – all depending on bottom composition and water visibility.


CPA divers are professional scuba instructor trainers that have dived all over the world and have logged thousands of hours and taught hundreds of students. CPA divers have the expertise and experience to aide them in determining what happened in a scuba fatality. Some accidents that occur causing scuba fatalities are related to poor judgment choices for improper weighting, manipulated breathing apparatus, air depletion, lack of training and in some instances, even foul play. The CPA divers are professional factory certified technicians with nearly every scuba regulator ever manufactured. The technicians are able to determine if the regulators were re-machined or manipulated in any way to affect safe performance.