1. Experience

The investigative knowledge attained by a private investigator in the course of their first month of employment probably equals or exceeds what most people will learn in a lifetime. A simple mistake during an investigation can destroy any chance of success in the future. Remember, if you make a mistake while at­tempting to conduct your own investigation, it may well require even the most ta­lented investigators to spend measurable amounts of additional time to complete an assignment. 

2. Aptitude 

Thank you BC!

     In all of the 231 private investigations firms, 765 private investigators, and 829 restricted private investigators in British Columbia, you have decided to choose CPA International Investigations Inc. as your go-to team for all of your surveillance, security, and investigative needs! WE THANK YOU ALL!

Image Quality and Resolutions Explained

CPA has received many calls regarding image quality and what is the difference between various resolutions available on Video Recording devices such as Security Surveillance Systems. Many manufacturers offer these 3 resolutions on their newer DVR (digital Video Recorder) devices.  =  D1(720x480), HD1(720x240), CIF(360x240) for Analog systems.  For the most part the NTSC format is common in Canada and the USA. Europe and other Asian countries uses PAL.  In the end... it all depends on the clarity you expect from the recording device, and inevitably the playback as well.

ISC West

It's that time of year again when CPA escapes the lower mainland to head down to the International Security Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tonnes of goodies and great new products will be shown off. Stop by our store any time after the 15th of April and we'll be happy to talk to you about all of the amazing new stuff we've found!