The challenges of securing a special event are complex due to the immense crowds, duration of the event, traffic into and out of the event and large scale temporary work forces. CPA Security and Protection can provide a careful analysis of the event and create a security plan to help determine the security needs. An effective security plan will be constructed to ensure proper communication, crowd control, and protection of attendees and materials, thus reducing the exposure to risk.

The benefits of having Special Event Security are being able to monitor closed areas of the venue, guard event equipment and vehicles, assist guests where needed, and monitor compliance with alcohol and sound bylaws. Having special event security can also help control disruptive guests, defuse a potentially aggressive situation, and be aware of safety and security issues in the surrounding area.

Results that the client can expect from using CPA Security and Protection for their special event are being able to identify potential risks, vulnerabilities, hazards and possible threats to your event. The client can also expect advance planning, threat assessment and problem prevention, event crowd control and crisis response.

CPA Security and Protection provides unparalleled safety, security and peace of mind by taking into account the details of the event, the needs of those involved and the nature of any potential threats. CPA is skilled at understanding and planning the event security process with the client while our security personnel are trained professionals, ensuring the safety and security of event attendees.