Security Monitoring is a method used to confirm that the security practices and controls in place are being adhered to and are effective. Security monitoring can consist of activities such as the review of user account logs, data backup recovery logs, and intrusion detection systems.

The benefits of security monitoring include improving security and cutting down on false alarm rates as well as reducing costs and enhancing business efficiency. Security monitoring can also help provide early identification of any wrongdoing or new security vulnerabilities.

The results that the client can expect from security monitoring is awareness of what’s going on with the network, insurance against unnecessary risks, defense against attacks, and comprehensive views of security activity. With the ability to detect a security breach as they occur, security departments can respond quickly to any situation by being the most prepared.

Security monitoring is an effective method of detecting security vulnerabilities in their infancy stages before they become out of hand. This will allow the client to take proactive steps to protect networks against unnecessary risks. Security monitoring greatly reduces false positives which can help improve threat identification and minimize false responses.