A Security Guard Service is a privately employed group hired to protect the security of a business or industry, property, assets or people. CPA Security and Protection provides security guard services to primarily prevent and deter crime from happening. CPA will protect clients by implementing defensive measures and avoid confrontation by de-escalating potentially violent situations.

The benefits of having a security guard service provided by CPA are that we will provide greater protection against violent crime, theft of information and assets and an overall enhancement of the client’s company reputation. CPA Security and Protection will identify measures to reduce risk and constantly review security measures to ensure the utmost protection for the client.

The results that the client can expect from CPA Security and Protection team are detailed, advanced research and planning to create a safe environment. Additionally CPA strives to ensure an environment where the client is fully protected with minimal interruption to their activities, enabling them to conduct their business with confidence and peace of mind.

CPA Security and Protection services will maintain a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, documenting any signs of crime or disorder. In taking action where necessary, CPA reporting incidents to the client and notify authorities should the situation arise. By identifying specific threats, CPA can work together with the client to develop a security solution that protects the client where they are vulnerable.