Security Consulting, as performed by CPA Security and Protection, is where a group of qualified and trained personnel determine the threat assessment of an institution and methods of protection.  CPA helps businesses to protect their valuable assets by providing detailed assessments of client’s entire security infrastructure to identify and eliminate any vulnerability.

The benefits of having a Security Consult performed by CPA Security and Protection are to identify security vulnerabilities, defend against and respond to attacks, reduce risk and meet the security compliance requirements of the clients business and industry. An accurate security consult implemented by CPA will help the client recognize the changing nature of threats and should be adaptable to different situations, as well as provide options and recommendations on types of systems and devices.

The kind of results that the client can expect from a security consult done by CPA Security and Protection is help providing increasing security awareness for employees by empowering them to stay ahead of the threats, understanding weaknesses, dangers and assets of the business in order to calculate the risk and mitigating the risk to an acceptable level.

CPA Security and Protection will work closely with the clients to address each client’s security concerns without disrupting their ability to do business. The client can expect assistance developing and maintaining an integrated security policy that can prevent and minimize the effect of future security lapses.