Remote Video Monitoring is composed of a two-way interactive audio/video technology that combines existing Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology and video surveillance systems with monitoring processes to provide real-time voice and video images to a central monitoring system for alarm verification and review.


The benefits of using a remote video monitoring system include the ability to visually verify and prioritize alarms, to view alarm arming and disarming activity. Monitoring can also allow the client to observe inventory movement and retail store traffic since video can be easily and quickly transmitted over the internet. An RVM system can easily be added to an existing security system and can help to minimize false alarms and related costly fines due to Police response.


Using a remote video monitoring system will result in allowing the client to view and manage multiple digital video recorders through one practical application and location. It also allows clients to view live or recorded video, control DVR and cameras, capture and store video images and distribute both the content and written information via email.


The remote video monitoring system can replace the need for security personnel in very remote areas where it would be impractical to have full time staff. Or it can also be used in conjunction with security personnel who can quickly and easily go to the scene of a break-in and take appropriate action. The RVM system assures the client that potential threats can be detected, identified and mitigated even while the client is away.