In a labour dispute, our main concern is to prevent injury and property damage by maintaining order.  This is accomplished through the proper deployment of available resources, Private Investigators and Strike Security Officers in a timely fashion.

In a strike situation, CPA’s Private Investigators will be called upon to supply evidence for both the injunction process and any criminal activity that may occur during a labour dispute.  CPA’s Strike Security Officers will be utilized to de-escalate personal conflicts, picket line disturbances, and violent confrontations with employees or supplemental/replacement workers. Additionally, CPA’s Strike Security Officers are experienced at providing transportation to employees and supplemental/replacement workers crossing picket lines.  

CPA’s Strike Security Officers are routinely called upon to act with the utmost professionalism to ensure events remain non-confrontational. Strike Security Officers understand how to provide secure transportation for employees or supplemental

CPA International Investigations Inc. will minimize costly disruptions to your business that result from labor disputes.   CPA’s team has a reputation for excellence in the industry with over 25 years experience meeting labor dispute security for over 1000 clients all over Canada.  Our team consists of former Government agents providing experience in law enforcement or military experience, trained to meet all your security and investigation needs.