Staff Bios

  John PisarskiCEO, Managing Director

   Entrepreneur, Private Investigator & Security Specialist


A leader in his industry for over two decades, yet always makes time to be a devoted Father.  John Pisarski has repeatedly proven himself with his successful leadership abilities since the mid1980’s.  By 1993 Mr. Pisarski had not only mastered his skills in the Investigative and Security Industry, but founded the concept for which CPA Investigations has become the success story it is today.

His professional approach to business, coupled with his innovative ideas has placed CPA at the peak of the investigation industry nationwide. This driven attitude and keen sense of direction has bestowed numerous accolades on Mr. Pisarski from peers as well as public and private officials alike.  His personal caring attributes transcend his professional and private life lending credibility to Mr. Pisarski’s character.

Mr. Pisarski is actively involved in local and international associations and community volunteer services.  As such he constantly strives for excellence while mentoring others to attain their goals.  Taking the company lead and maintaining liaisons with local and national law enforcement agencies.

With well over 13,000 assignments behind him and Mr. Pisarski’s proven track record of CPA’s successes and achievements, it is his goal to maintain domination in the industry.


   Heather GiuriatoCOO, Managing Director

Following in her Father’s footsteps…


Mr. Ronald R. Minion Retired RCMP, President & CEO of several large security companies and founder of the International Foundation for Protection Officers, a Certified Training Program for Security Guards, Supervisors and Managers. Ms. Giuriato gained her experience by maintaining all aspects of the day to day operations for Western Canada’s largest security company; with numerous branch offices and 1500 employees.

Ms. Giuriato has worked as a consultant for the International Foundation for Protection Officers over the years and, like her father, believes in the professionalism of the Security Industry through training.

While always maintaining a degree of involvement with the Security Industry, Ms. Giuriato also contracted out her professional services in an administrative capacity. Initially for a Civil Engineering and Land Development Company, then as an Administrator and Sales Manager for an International Import Export Company.

A graduate of BCIT in Business Management and top 5 percent of her class in completing her Real Estate License, coupled with her extensive background in administration and management since 1979 in the Corporate Sector and Security Industry; Ms. Giuriato has the professionalism and experience required making her the perfect fit for CPA’s Director of Operations.

Ms. Giuriato is a devoted mother of two children, is actively involved in the school PAC and has served on various fundraising and educational committees.

Her global travels have touched numerous countries in Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, Central America, Australia, Mexico and North America. Her extensive travels on both business and personal levels have broadened Ms. Giuriato’s ability to empathize with those in need. With an impeccable eye for detail and dedicated work ethic, Ms. Giuriato’s enthusiasm and dedication enables her to strive for and exceed all expectations for CPA and their clients.


  Shannon Twiss - Operations Assistant

No task too big...


Ms. Twiss has an extensive background with Investigation, Operations and Administrative support.   Formerly the Operations Manager for CPA Investigation back in 1997 where she work directly with CPA Investigations Unit Managers for several years.  Shannon recently returned to CPA in the spring of 2015 and is a valued member of the team.  Her experience and background with Government Agencies, Corporations, Private Sector and Insurance Fraud is truly an asset to this team.  Aside from her dedicated work ethic, Shannon is a Certified Fitness Trainer and avid runner. 



Archie Boyce - Corporate Accounts Executive

  Professional Investigator and Security Officer


Archie Boyce brings a diverse background to CPA, but his Mannerism, Dedication, Integrity and Customer Service make Archie the perfect fit for CPA.  Joining the Investigation and Security division of CPA Investigations back in 1998, Mr. Boyce handle a wide range of assignments, primarily focusing of VIP Security, Special Investigations and Missing Persons assignments.  Archie Boyce recently returned to CPA International Investigations Inc. in the fall of 2014 and hasn't looked back once. 

  Echo Wang - International Product Services

Professional Client Services and Product Representative


Bio to follow...



Tim Bowles – Special Investigator

Integrity 1st.!!


Mr. Bowles served as a member of the RCMP from 1981 to 2011.  He worked at municipal detachments in Burnaby, White Rock, Vancouver Airport and Langley BC.  He has extensive experience conducting a myriad of investigations.  As a member of the federal E Div Customs and Excise Unit he conducted covert marine patrols, surveillance and waterborne interdiction in conjunction with his United States Customs Service counterparts in Washington State.  Tim has been involved in officer safety and training since 1985.  As a member of the RCMP he was qualified as an instructor in use of force, firearms and has specialized training in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.   Tim holds a 2nd degree black belt in Goju Ryu Karate and taught classes for men and women’s self defense.

His last post before leaving the RCMP was with an elite covert surveillance unit where he perfected his craft, obtaining intelligence and evidence from criminal gangs, murder suspects, international fugitives and kidnappers.  His duties routinely required him to get close enough to targets to overhear conversation or observe them put keys into locks while remaining unnoticed.  Obtaining high quality photos and video was a necessity.  His unit earned a citation from the Vancouver City Police department for their assistance in a high profile kidnapping.

Following thirty years as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Tim Bowles is now taking on new challenges with CPA. 

Rob Casey Jr. – Threat Assessment Specialist

Rob is a retired Intelligence Operations Specialist from the United States Air Force with Special Operations (Special Tactics) experience in both Counter-terrorism and Anti- terrorism.

After military retirement, Rob accepted a two-year contract with CACI working throughout Europe on a U.S. Anti-terrorism Assessment Team as a “Terrorist Options Assessment Specialist”.

While Rob currently provides consulting on a wide range of security issues, he is considered Canada’s premier Threat Assessment Specialist. Rob Joined the CPA Team in 2005.